A to Z Challenge | B is for Boredom 24

Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge, my theme is mental health.


B is for… Boredom

Boredom can be seen as a trivial complaint. It is: a shrug of the shoulders, a complaint from children when their tablet has run out of battery, something you are at school or work and summarised in one popular word ‘meh’. Bored is something you feel when you are forced to do something you don’t want to do or when you can’t do the thing you really want to. But it is also something else; it can often be part and parcel of mental health conditions.


Boredom and Mental Health

Boredom is also the feeling of unease, weariness and restlessness. It’s feeling confused, unenthusiastic and dissatisfied. Feeling bored can lead you to feel tired, unmotivated and uninterested.

Boredom and depression combined are a viscous pair. With these two entwined you can sink into a dark place. A place where nothing can occupy your mind, your hands and your interest. A place where it doesn’t matter if you live or die.

For me, boredom sometimes causes anxiety as well. Anxiety makes you question yourself and desperately seek answers. Are you yourself boring? What do I want to do? Why can’t I find anything that I want to do?


Conquering boredom

Have a plan. List the self care activities or create a happy box that you can turn to when you feel restless, uninspired and tired. I know that exercise or a creative project are good for me but often when boredom, depression and anxiety are all combining against me I need something small and comforting. This might be picking up a colouring book, painting my nails, having a bath or read a book. Often I find time passes very quickly if I binge watch something on Netflix but it doesn’t necessarily lighten the feeling of ‘ennui’. It doesn’t mean TV is out though, for me a familiar, favourite film can work wonders especially if I do something creative alongside it such as doing some colouring.


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