A to Z Challenge | E is Energy 16

Day 5 of the A to Z Challenge and E is for energy. Just like the theme of my blog; the theme for my challenge is mental health.


E is for… Energy

Energy is everything. It is you. It is how you get stuff done. Just like your physical health, mental health affects your energy too.

Where does it go?

Anxiety drains you of energy. All those questions running through your mind. All that nerves and stress running round your body. You are up and about and on the surface you might look normal. But by the end of the day you’re drained, spent, empty. All that worrying has used up all your reserves of energy.

Depression drains you of energy. Any energy you should have has disappeared. It’s disappeared into the dark cloud above your head. Your energy is powering that big black dog that’s following you round. It takes all of your energy to get out of bed.

With less and less energy it becomes harder and harder to conquer your demons. Harder and harder to motivate yourself to do the things that matter, to do the things that will make you feel better and to pull yourself out of the dark place in your mind.

How can I get it back?

  • Diet coke water
  • Chocolate fruit and veggies
  • Lots of caffeine sleep
  • Rush around and get everything done rest, relax and delegate
  • Stay in bed exercise to energise
  • Try to get ahead meditation or yoga to stay in the present


Any other tips?

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