A to Z Challenge | V is for Valiant 15

Day 22 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is V for valiant. If you’re valiant you are brave, courageous and determined.


I’ve been told that I’m brave. That I’m brave for writing this blog and opening up about my experiences, That I’m brave for organising the Mental Health Mates walks.

Everyone with a mental health condition is very brave. You are brave for fighting the demons in your head. Brave to push against social anxiety and leave the house. It takes courage to take risks and put your heart out there. If your mind tells you that no-one likes you and that you’re not good enough you have to be brave to fight against that.

And when you determinedly and courageously fight your mental health wonderful things can happen. You can make new friends, have fun new experiences and travel the world. If you’re not brave and fight the horrible emotions then you could miss out on so much. Not being valiant can make your depression worse and it can cost you your life.

Keep believing in you. Brave, wonderful you.

Thankyou for reading,


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