A to Z Challenge | Z is for Zest 5

Day 26 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is Z for zest.

Zest means great enthusiasm and energy. I believe that we have to live our lives with zest. We need to approach life with gusto. We should seek out excitement and relish opportunities that come our way. I want to find things that I enjoy, and love and am passionate about.

I know that in the dark depths of depression that is not easy. But I believe that when you’re not in such a bleak place finding those things that you love, that make you excited and that you approach with zest can save you from slipping down the dark slope. I believe that these things can help boost your mood and keep you further away from depression.

They don’t have to be big things like travelling the world or finding the love of your life. I wrote my 30 before 30 list as a way of having 30 things to be excited about. It includes volunteering with Milly, lying in a hammock and making my own clothes. It’s not just walking the Great Wall of China and visiting Ireland. For me this is a form of self care.

I’ve recently seen this list by the Anxious Canadian of the 50 Things that make me Happy. This post has really inspired me and I want to write a list for me. I think that this will help me remember the things that I enjoy to do and bring a smile on my face. I’ll use my Joy list as a starting point. We all know that Milly will be on it!


I have really enjoyed my first A to Z Blogging Challenge. It has certainly been a challenge to write 26 posts in a month (plus some #FridayFive posts!) It’s been a challenge to come up with good and interesting posts for each letter. Some of them have been shorter than I would normally publish but it’s all part of getting rid of that perfectionist streak! It’s been really lovely to meet other bloggers taking part in the challenge and advocate for and increase awareness of mental health to a wider audience.


Thankyou for reading,

Lauren x

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