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One long weekend and I managed to tick off 3 items on my 30 before 30 list. 3 years ago I wrote a list of 30 things that I wanted to complete before I was 30. For me, this was a form of self care – to keep me focused, motivated and complete some fun things on the way!

21. Music Festival

This weekend I went to Wickham Music FestivalΒ which had all the things that a festival trip should have; camping, mud, rain, sunshine, music and food!

I loved seeing one of my favourite artists KT Tunstall. It’s the third time that I’ve seen her and each time she has been amazing. It was also wonderful to see Seth Lakeman and Josh’s favourite band The Levellers. There were lots of bands that I hadn’t heard of before but were fantastic to see. I danced like crazy to Dohl Foundation, liked Miranda Sykes double bass playing and really enjoyed Lilo’s Wall.


15. Lie in a hammock

I also managed to complete number 15 to lie in a hammock. It felt really good, but not that relaxing as I was surrounded by kids swinging around on their hammocks! I also nearly fell off as I looked round to talk to Josh! When I visited Amsterdam I sat in hammock chair outside a shop. I’m now making plans to have a hammock at home!


29. Get my face painted

While I was there I decided to get into the festival spirit with a little face paint!

Face painting at Wickham Music Festival. 30 before 30 bucket list at Milly's Guide.

It was really fun to get it painted. Next time I’ll get my whole face painted! I saw a little girl with a purple and white butterfly covering her whole face, which I think I’ll go for next time!

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