My first #weekendcoffeeshare

If we were catching up over a coffee…

Well firstly, I wouldn’t be drinking coffee. Right now I’m drinking a can of Diet Coke. Flipping addicted to the stuff. Or if we were in a cafe somewhere maybe I’d order a smoothie. And I’d definitely have a piece of cake, preferably chocolate. No I didn’t have enough at Easter!

I’m out in my garden. It’s a beautiful day. I love it when you can sit outside. It really feels like spring has sprung this morning. Milly and I just went for a mediumish walk round our neighbourhood and I was wearing a shirt, no cardigan or coat required 😀

So this week I have been taking part in a fitbit challenge. It was a workweek hustle where you compete to get the most steps between Monday and Friday. Well I came second with 47,693 steps. I’m really proud of that as the first day I was hibernating because of Storm Katie and the other four days I exceeded my 10,000 step target. Walking 10,000 steps a day is on my self care wheel and I know it makes a difference to how I feel. Although I am going to demand a rematch as the winner was on holiday not at work!

I’ve been struggling with headaches this week. Migraine on Tuesday and tension headaches the rest of the week. Works been a bit stressful and I’ve been grumpy. But I’ve tried to keep going with walking lots, Pilates class and drinking lots of water. 

I’ve recently started a bullet journal. I’m not exactly following the full system so it’s more of a personal, wellness and goal tracker. Now it’s April I am starting my goals tracker which means that I get to colour in squares when I achieve my goals like go to Pilates, take my vitamins and spend some time doing something creative. Funny how colouring in that little square feels like a big motivator and something I’m really excited to do!

What else? I’ve been watching lots more Life Interrupted and just started watching Person of Interest on Netflix. Been doing quite a lot of sewing. Although I got very cross with my sewing machine last night and accidentally stabbed myself with the needle and ended up taking the machine apart!

Anyway, so that’s what I’d tell you if we were catching up. Although, to be honest, if you asked me how I was I would probably just say I’m ok. Because that’s what we all do isn’t it?

How are you?


Let me know what you think

0 thoughts on “My first #weekendcoffeeshare

  • Kim

    Welcome! I took a long hiatus and recently decided to return. Like you, life has been crazy with its share of struggles. Just have to keep moving forward though, right?

    Feel better soon!

  • Corina

    I’m ok. 😉 Yup. We all do that.

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy our group. We’re a very welcoming group, as you will see. I am impressed with your step count! I always say I am going to start keeping track but I do it for a day or two then forget to keep track after that. I’m nowhere near 10,000 daily steps…if I had to guess, I would say I’m more like 4,000 to 6,000 depending on whether I’m alone (not often) or involved in some activity with the grandkids!

    I hope you keep coming back. I’ll put up my coffee share tomorrow as I don’t like to put up more than one post a day and I’m involved in the A to Z Challenge and have my B post up for the day.

    Have a super week!

    • laureneph Post author

      Hi Corina, Thankyou for your comment. That’s why I bought a Fitbit wristband because if it’s always on m wrist then i can’t forget to put it on although I can forget to take it off to charge it!

    • laureneph Post author

      I really enjoy Pilates. Go to a weekly class and want to do it more at home but hard to be motivated at home! I do want to cut down on my diet cokes but when everything feels like a struggle anyway it’s hard to cut down on the thing that’s giving you a bit of energy…

  • bettylouise31

    Welcome to coffee/tea share. We call it coffee share but many drink othere beverages. My drink is tea. Congratulations on your second place win in the walking contest. Be share and take a your calcium as it is doubly important. Do you know the name of the tree that is blooming? Kato is our cat who was leashed at 4 months who feels he is entitled to a walk every day. Look for your next week. What kind od dog is Milly?

  • mbarkersimpson

    I love Netflix! Nothing like switching off with a good show to wind down. I enjoy Person of Interest, though it has to be said, Jim Caviezel is the main attraction for me 😉 Have a good week – I hope your headaches don’t plague you.

  • browney237

    Yep – used to be addicted to Pepsi Max. Never without one it seemed. Just decided one day to stop. After a few days of withdrawal I felt so much better. That said I do drink coffee but only in the mornings now, with no cold caffeine in the afternoon.
    Loved your post.
    I’m a newbie to weekendcoffeeshare as well.

  • Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

    Welcome to the coffee share Lauren. Perhaps your coke addiction is making the headaches worse. I know the headaches I used to get because of coffee and coke has got a lot of caffeine in it. Aren’t those fitbit trackers fun. I got one two weeks ago and I have never been so conscious of what I am doing. Step wise I exceed 10,000 easily each day without any special effort so I think I have to set my goal higher to make me extend myself. What I really enjoy seeing is my sleeping patterns. That I find fascinating and it is giving me a lot of info that explains how I am during the day. (My steps are high because of my dogs which get long walks twice a day — I don’t have to go to work but then as a nurse I would have walked miles anyway. Good having coffee with you. See you next week.

  • Deb

    Hello and welcome to the coffee share group! I will admit that even though my posting fell off to almost zero for a very long time, I did try to get a coffee share post in each week! These people have become my friends, confidants and therapists! Love them all!!

  • Conny Kaufmann

    Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share! It’s nice to meet you!
    I journal as well, though I like to plan further ahead than bullet journaling allows. I actually got myself a Field Notes Midori to keep track of my notebooks and journals.

    • laureneph Post author

      Hi Connie, Thankyou it’s nice to meet you too! I’ve just taken a look at your coffee share post and see you mention your notebook! How are you going to use it?

      • Conny Kaufmann

        Hi Lauren, the small one will house everything writing related. My blog plan, story ideas, research etc. My regular MTN has my planner and address book etc in it. I’ve got another Field Notes one on the way which will be for my travel notes and a regular sized one for everything else like my book and theatre reviews, recipes and so on.

  • Cyn K

    Kudos on the 10k steps. I’ve been working my way up to that goal for several weeks now. I had some setbacks last week where I didn’t reach my interim goal of 8,500 steps per day. I’m happy to report that, thanks to a walking video, I broke 10k today.

  • Diana

    Nice to see you around the coffee share!

    We’re in the midst of House of Cards on the Netflix right now, and I’m looking for a new binge once we finish this season. Haven’t had quite as much time for TV recently though because we’ve been so busy!

    • laureneph Post author

      Thankyou Diana. Great to be here, it’s been very welcoming. I’ve watched a few episodes of house of cards and it was good, just so dark! I need tv to cheer me up!

      • Diana

        Fair enough! I feel the same way about a lot of shows, House of Cards included. We’d have the season finished by now, except that we’re not always in the mood for something so heavy!

  • Robin

    Welcome to the Coffee Share! I’m a little late for coffee this week, having had guests keeping me busy, so please pardon my tardiness. I’ve never heard of a Bullet Journal. I looked it up and went “ooooh!” because it looks like something I would love, especially coloring in boxes as tasks and self-care things get done. I think that sort of thing is motivating, too.

    Nice to meet you. 🙂