Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 15th December 2017 5

I haven’t had the best week. I’ve felt really quite low. Practicing gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude, so here’s my #FridayFive which are the five things that I am grateful for this week.

  1. I’m grateful for Josh. I’m always grateful for Josh but I’m definitely grateful for his love and support this week.
  2. I’m grateful for Milly. Always grateful for her cuddles, unconditional love and for making me giggle.
  3. It’s been cold this week. We had snow at the weekend and a lot of ice during the week, especially on Tuesday. I am grateful that I was able to drive to and from work safely. I don’t normally get anxious about driving but I was really anxious on Tuesday. I’m also grateful that it has warmed up a bit and the ice has gone.
  4. I’m grateful for Christmas post. I’ve been enjoying getting home from work to open Christmas cards. One in particular had some very exciting, happy news in it!
  5. I am grateful that it is nearly Christmas. One more week at work and then 10 days off work. I’m so looking forward to it and really feel like I need the break. I will be taking on board my top ten tips to look after my mental health 🙂

#FridayFive Practicing Gratitude Milly's Guide

What are you grateful for?

Join in! I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your own #FridayFive gratitude blogpost.

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5 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 15th December 2017

  • beetleypete

    Not a bad week, so here goes.

    1) Grateful that Christmas will soon be over! (I know, I’m a seasonal grouch)
    2) Grateful to Ollie, for being such a well-behaved dog, and always attracting admiration.
    3) Grateful to have been contacted by some very old and dear friends, one benefit of this season.
    4) Grateful to have had some good ‘Winter’ television programmes to watch.
    5) Grateful not to have to worry about ice and snow, as I don’t have to go to work anymore!

    Best wishes, Pete.

  • Heather

    Not sure where this week has gone. Here’s this weeks 5.

    1. Firstly I am very grateful that the cold I have had for nearly 3 weeks has finally decided to do one!

    2. The weather has turned a bit colder this week and I was grateful the snow didn’t hang about! Don’t get me wrong I love the stuff when you don’t have to leave home but with extra shopping trips to do its a big no no!

    3. I am very grateful to have my coat back. I left it in Lincoln and had to wait for Lucy to come down to get it back.

    4. Once again I am grateful to have such special friends and family. They make my world.

    5. Finally this week I am grateful for cosy nights in watching tv with the Christmas lights twinkling on the tree.

    Have a good week!
    Heather x