Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 17th November 2017 26

Practicing gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude, so here’s my #FridayFive which are the five things that I am grateful for this week. Join in! What are you grateful for?

  1. I am grateful for a lovely, chilled out weekend with Josh. It was lovely to go out for a long walk, to eat good food, watch a good, light-hearted film (Matilda!) and put photos up in the house, which has made it feel even more cosy and homely.
  2. This week I went to a conference for walk to be presented with a certificate. When I was up on the stage and the audience were clapping, I felt really proud of myself and grateful for that opportunity.
  3. I am grateful for my group therapy self esteem course. After missing a week I was quite nervous about going and definitely didn’t feel my usual safe. But I am really pleased that I went and grateful for the opportunity to learn new things.
  4. Every year at work we choose a charity to raise money for instead of giving Christmas cards. We can make nominations for charities and then vote for which one we want to raise money for – I’m grateful that my choice of our local mental health charity – West Norfolk Mind – was chosen.
  5. Josh is going to get another two mentions this week. For when I was sobbing my heart out proclaiming that I’m such a mess he didn’t judge (or agree with me!) he simply held and comforted me. And for last night when I got home really late he met me at the train station in the freezing cold with extra layers! I am most definitely grateful for this lovely man.

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What are you grateful for?

Join in! I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your own #FridayFive gratitude blogpost.

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26 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 17th November 2017

  • beetleypete

    To be honest, I am struggling with five this week. It hasn’t been a great week. I will have to go with some ‘regulars’, and see if I get to five.

    1) Grateful for some fellow bloggers who tried to cheer me up when I was in a blogging slump.
    2) Grateful for my dog Ollie, who seems to know when to leave me alone, or not.
    3) Grateful to have a great plumber. He recently serviced and sorted out the heating, and we have needed it this week.
    4) Grateful to the BBC for providing some excellent TV to take the edge off of the long dark evenings.
    5) Grateful that the shortest day is not too far away, as these dark afternoons really get me down!

    Just about managed it… πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

  • Heather

    So glad Mind has been chosen, it got my vote! This week has been quite positive for me so here goes with my grateful 5

    1. I am very grateful today to the surgeons and nurses of GOSH for their care and expertise. My 3 yr old great niece had to have a nasty cluster of cysts and blood vessels removed from in her neck behind her ear. She is currently sitting up in bed with her mum eating chips!

    2. For Christmas this year as me and Martin are on our own we decided to go to The Copper Beech for our Christmas dinner but early in the week I got a message from my son Jake and his partner Jamie asking if they could come to us this year. As they live in Newcastle I don’t get to see them as much as I would like and to be able to share Christmas with them makes me feel very grateful.

    3. A work related grateful is to see the back of the pile of boxes in the library. In the summer it seemed a mammoth task which looked very daunting indeed.

    4. I have been thinking this week how lucky I am to have friends in different areas of my life. Mainly my lovely friend Jan with whom I share a passion for photography. Although she is 15 yrs older than me I am truly grateful for her friendship.

    5. Lastly I am grateful to Martin my wonderful husband for letting me be me which can sometimes be a hard task!

      • Hevs62

        Thanks Lauren. I am very proud of all my children for what they have achieved but as a consequence I do not get to spend time with them as much as I would like especially Jake so having him and Jamie here for Christmas will be special x

  • noellekelly

    I do a little gratitude listing in my head every morning when I wake, sets me up for the day. This week I’m thankful for my beautiful new niece Faye, I’m thankful that my sister’s section to have Faye went well, I’m thankful for my husband doing most of the housework, I’m thankful for my husband giving me money to buy presents for my niece and sister and I’m thankful for my cosy bed as the nights are getting colder πŸ™‚

  • Jecca

    Right now, I’m grateful for my partner. I’ve had to adapt to a chronic illness that has made everything very difficult, and I don’t know what I’d do without his care and patience.

  • rachaelstray

    Josh sounds wonderful. Great list. Love this idea.

    My five things are:
    1. Successfully launched a campaign with work and it is going well so far.
    2. Had a lovely catchup with friends last weekend.
    3. One of my favourite restaurants opened back to thanks to new management and we had a great meal there last night.
    4. I met someone I made friends with through Twitter and she’s lovely and we are going to work on a few things together. Exciting times.
    5. I’m going out with friends for birthday drinks tonight and really looking forward to it.

  • thebigmoneysaver

    It sounds like you had a really great week! And Josh sounds like a very stand-up guy. This week, I’m grateful that my family gets to travel to spend time with other family members for Thanksgiving.

  • Claire Saul (PainPalsBlog)

    It does us good to stop & make a point of thinking about the positive. But…I have struggled this week… goes:
    1.My local cinema staff being so helpful with my mobility issues when Mum& I went to see NT Live show Follies – a young man got me back down the stairs at the end of the show.
    2. My lovely daughter for just being herself!
    3. On line shopping – makes Christmas so much easier for me.
    4. I’m grateful my uncoordinated 21 year old came from ice skating at Somerset house with no broken bones – some near misses seen on his mate’s recording!!
    5. This one is easy – being in the UK it was watching Children in Need & being reminded that life is not so bad!!

    Claire x

    • LaurenEph Post author

      They’re a brilliant list of things to be grateful for! I’m just starting to think about Christmas shopping, really need to get a plan together. I missed Children in Need but know what you mean x

  • josypheen

    I love the idea of giving money to charity instead of making christmas cards! I was thinking about making christmas cookies for my coworkers instead of cards…