Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 22nd December 2017 18

Practicing gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude, so here’s my #FridayFive which are the five things that I am grateful for this week.

  1. I am grateful that my mood has lifted. Last week I wrote that I was struggling with feeling low. On Sunday I took Milly for a walk, let her off the lead at an open piece of grass and she flew! She was just so happy, running round and round me. I got my phone out and managed to capture her sprinting and looking so happy! It was at this point that I realised I was feeling better. Not quite as ecstatic as Milly was feeling! But definitely better. I felt like something had lifted, like the black cloud above my head had moved away slightly and I’m a bit more able to deal with what the world throws at me.
  2. I’m grateful that Josh is starting to feel a bit better. He has been struggling all week with flu. He’s had all work off work, not left home, been in so much pain, coughing and struggling with fever. I have known him for just over 4 years and he has never been this ill before. He went to the doctors yesterday to check there was no complications and today his cold symptoms are getting better which is making him feel better generally. I’m grateful that he seems to be getting better. Hopefully that will continue and he’ll be able to enjoy Christmas.
  3. Linked to number 2 I am grateful that I haven’t caught his flu! (fingers crossed, touch wood…) I’ve been dosing myself up on vitamin c, zinc and for the first time echinacea. There’s been a few worrying times when I’ve started coughing, sniffling or having a hot flush but so far, so good. I’m hoping that the headache I have right now is just a headache and not anything more…
  4. I am grateful to my lovely manager and friend Megan. Yesterday it was our last day at work together and not only had she got me a card but a present as well. She knows how much I love colouring and I am now the proud owner of a unicorn colouring card book. I’m also really excited to use it as I have loved sending and receiving Christmas cards this year (so much so that it was my number 4 in last weeks #FridayFive) that I love the idea of carrying on with sending snail mail.
  5. I am grateful for Christmas! Today was my last half day at work and it was lovely to spend the afternoon chilling with Josh and Milly and then sewing. I am very much looking forward to this break. I’m really grateful for much needed time off work, time with family, chill time and days for self care.

What are you grateful for?

Join in! I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your own #FridayFive gratitude blogpost. And because this will be my last post before the big day – I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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18 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 22nd December 2017

  • beetleypete

    For reasons I can’t write about, this has been an exceptionally difficult week, but I will find positives!

    1) Grateful for the weather warming up, and no more chance of snow for now.
    2) Grateful for red wine, which has helped me to zone out of some bad problems.
    3) Grateful for one of the best-ever weeks on my blog, and all the fantastic people who support it.
    4) Grateful for connecting with old friends, just because it’s Christmas…
    5) Grateful in advance for the 27th of December, when it will all be over for another year. 🙂

    Best wishes, Pete.

  • Ravensare

    I’m grateful for living in a time and place where I can go outside and enjoy the world around me without needing to be afraid. I’m grateful for my health and my body for all the crazy stuff they willingly let me get up to. I’m grateful for the animals in my life, they are awesome companions who always remind me to be in the present moment and bring me so much joy (they really are the ultimate teachers and soul friends, my words don’t do them any justice). I’m so grateful for the lovely friends I have in my life, for always being there for me. I could go on and on and on here, but I’m also grateful that I found your blog and for the nudge to think about things I’m grateful for! 😀 Thank you!

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou for your lovely comment, I’m glad you like my blog! Thankyou for sharing the things that you are grateful for. Milly usually appears every week as something I am grateful for! Hope you’ll join us again for #FridayFive

  • Heather

    Sorry a day late this week. So much to do this time of year😜

    1. I am grateful my trip to Morrisons yesterday morning was not as bad as I thought but because of a late delivery of veggies I have to tackle them again today!

    2. I’m grateful that the weather has warmed up a bit and however beautiful it can be I don’t have to scrape frost from my windscreen in the mornings.

    3. This year I haven’t sent Christmas-cards but chose to donate to charity instead but I am grateful to the friends and family that have sent cards to me. The moment of joy you get from seeing who they are from and the memories of that person evoke makes me smile. Maybe I send next year in the hope my card has the same effect on them.

    4. I am grateful to be able to make Martin happy. Christmas is difficult for him this year without having contact with his son and daughter and not being allowed to meet his grandson who is now 18 months old.. Family can be so cruel.

    5. Following on from number 4 we are both very grateful to have Oliver in our lives. He is my sons partners little boy who will soon be 4.(we have known him from about 2 months old). We took him to see Santa this week which was very special. Love him to bits!

    Well that’s my 5 for this week. All that’s left to say is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all X X

  • thebigmoneysaver

    I’m very happy to hear that Josh seems like he’s improving and you may have missed the flu altogether. I’m down with a sinus infection at the moment, but am grateful that Christmas is almost here and that I’ll get to spend it with family. Merry Christmas!

  • rachaelstray

    I love these posts. Glad to read you’re feeling a bit happier. I think we can all have those low moments when it’s darker and there’s so much hustle and bustle with the festive period.

    I’m grateful for the following things

    1. Our lovely new home. It’s brilliant to be in our own home with more space and back on the property ladder. We moved in last Saturday.

    2. The support and help from both sets of parents particularly with helping us to move.

    3. Breaking up for Christmas from work. I also have the longest time off I’ve ever had since school which I’m so ready for.

    4. I’ve recently handed my notice in at work and my colleagues have been so kind and supportive which will make leaving that little bit harder.

    5. I’m also thankful that we live so close to a large shopping centre with Kate opening hours to grab those last minute gifts and a nice meal too.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas 🎄

  • Debbie Harris

    I’m grateful for the blogging community for the support and encouragement they give so generously to complete strangers! I’m grateful to have one of my daughters with me this Christmas and to be at the beach for a warm sun filled holiday. I’m grateful for family and my lovely life which I’m so fortunate to have. Thanks for making me stop and think at this busy time, with your great post. All the best to you for the holiday season.