Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 8th December 2017 29

Practicing gratitude is supposed to lead to happiness and a more positive attitude, so here’s my #FridayFive which are the five things that I am grateful for this week.

#FridayFive Practicing Gratitude Milly's Guide

  1. I’m grateful that I had a good day shopping last weekend. I was determined that I was going to get all of my Christmas shopping done so I didn’t have to go in to a shop again before Christmas! I’ve got a few more things to get but I will be buying them online. I even bought a few bits for me, including my first ever Christmas jumper!
  2. It was the last session of my group therapy course this week. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn new things about myself and I’m looking forward to putting them in to practice. Through the group I have met a lovely group of people and I’m looking forward to staying in touch with them.
  3. I had a really lovely evening with one of my best friends, Kathryn. It was great to see her and catch up. I am grateful for her friendship.
  4. I am grateful that I am able to work from home, especially as not all jobs or organisations have this ability. I’m finding that some quiet time to work by myself is being really beneficial for my mental health. I am feeling less tired and less anxious.
  5. I am grateful for the lovely people that I work with. I’m grateful for funny little chats, their care, support and kindness.

What are you grateful for?

Join in! I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your own #FridayFive gratitude blogpost.

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29 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – #FridayFive 8th December 2017

  • Hevs62

    Sorry I missed last weeks grateful 5. I was too busy enjoying life! So here we go with this weeks gratefulness.

    1. I am very grateful to my immediate family for supporting me at the beginning of a journey that will change my life forever. It’s good to know they know how much it means to me.

    2. Sunday I attended a carol service so I am grateful to be able to share an hour singing with others. Singing out loud makes me feel good!

    3. May sound a bit corny but I am grateful to be alive. At this moment in time I feel I am in the best place mentally I have been in a long time. Loving life!

    4. This week I have more or less finished my present shopping which I am very grateful for as I am not a great lover of shopping!

    5. Lastly I am grateful once again for having Hugo, Pip and Marble aka Baby Girl in my world. They make me smile everyday

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thanks for sharing your post Tara – I had’t heard of the DSFWeeklyRewind before (I’m starting to think that because I don’t use twitter that I’m missing out on lots of blogging things!) Hope you do join us again next week and share your five things. I’m happy for you to leave a link to your weekly blogpost here and would be ever so grateful(!) if you could link to my #FridayFive posts if you do share your five things! 🙂

  • Shailaja V

    Your post is filled with such simple and everyday things that are necessary for gratitude. I am so happy that group therapy is helping you. Something about being heard that makes us feel a little less alone. And I empathise on the work from home position. I treasure the quiet time I get. Stay blessed and I’ll be back to read next week’s list 🙂

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou for checking out my post – I think that’s the best thing about practicing gratitude weekly is that you become grateful for the everyday things rather than just the BIG things! Glad you will be back next week and it will be lovely if you share your five things with us too 🙂

  • thebeasley

    Loved your 5 things to be grateful for.
    Mine are:
    1. Grateful that my parents have travelled 200miles in bad weather to visit us this weekend
    2. Grateful for their lovely relationship with my daughter
    3. Grateful for my daughter finding the confidence to go up to an old lady sitting by herself in a retirement home that she visited with Brownies. She was really nervous about striking up a conversation with this lady, but was so glad she did as she said she had a lovely time chatting with her. My daughter then persuaded her other friends to chat to other elderly people there.
    4. Grateful that I’ve done all my Christmas shopping and wrapped everything. Thank goodness that’s over with!
    5. Grateful for the support I get from special friends for my blog.

    • LaurenEph Post author

      Thankyou for joining in and I’m glad you liked my 5 things 🙂 I also love your 5 things and especially love number 3. Will your daughter and the Brownies be visiting again, sounds like a really special moment for her. I still need to wrap presents but I prefer that to buying them! I usually put on some Christmas music and try and get in the spirit! That’s my plan for next weekend I think x

  • Kelsey @ There's Something About KM

    I love your grateful posts! Here are my five:
    1. I am grateful for the kind surprises from my boyfriend – this week it was wine and flowers.
    2. I am grateful for the holiday lights of the city in which I work. They make a nightly stroll much more fulfilling.
    3. I am grateful for good tea and honey, which have helped me deal with this terrible cold.
    4. I am grateful for the large windows in my apartment, especially now in the winter when the hours of daylight are short. They also make viewing sunrises and sunsets (and the moon) all the more wonderful.
    5. I am grateful for the grocery store gift card my employer gives as a gift to everyone around the holidays.

  • thebigmoneysaver

    This is a lovely list. Great friendships are so important. They can really make a difference in someone’s life. This week, I’m grateful to be blessed with what I have. There’s a lot of people out there struggling with less, so I try not to take anything for granted.

  • Gary

    Not seen this hashtag before Lauren, but it seems a fantastic way to reflect positively on the week just gone. I expect it also helps focus the mind in the right direction going forwards too. I did several therapy courses a year ago and my councillor always said I tend not to reflect on what I achieve and tend to look at what I haven’t. Sometimes I have to really try hard to remember that and yet here is a rather simple technique to keep the mind from drifting in the wrong direction.

    Nicely done!

      • Gary

        I can tell by the way you embrace it and engage in the comments. Keep it up! Do you start a week with mindful goals and see how many you achieve at the end too? Not as challenge with success or fail criteria, but a set of things that drive the week ahead mindfully.

        • LaurenEph Post author

          Thanks Gary. I don’t really do that, I do have a sort of bullet journal where I try to plan out my week – both with useful things and self care/fun things! Good idea though!

          • Gary

            I think that’s a similar concept, mind just goes deeper into each day. It helps me avoid overthinking in empty periods where I end up procrastinating and doing very little. A councillor got me trying this and for me it’s working quite well!

  • beetleypete

    Sorry I’m late, we were away.
    1) Grateful to be invited to stay with a friend I have known since we were 11.
    2) Grateful that Ollie could come with us too.
    3) Grateful for the effort she made to provide wonderful hospitality.
    4) Grateful to have spent time with her family too.
    5) Grateful that we managed a 3+ hour drive home in a blizzard, without being involved in one of the many motorway accidents.

    OK, it is all about the weekend trip, but it was worth all 5! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.