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Have you heard about Gala Darling? The fantastic blogger, teacher, lover of pink, magic and radical self love has written a guide to life, self transformation and happiness. I’ve been a reader of Gala’s blog on and off for years, since she was living in Australia and posting daily outfit photos. Now she lives in New York and inspires women all over the world as a teacher, speaker and writer on galadarling.com. So when I saw she had published a book Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams I quickly ordered it!

Radical self love and your mental health. A book review of Radical Self Love by Gala Darling on Millys Guide.

I knew I was going to like this book when in the intro Gala says ‘maybe you’re sitting in your living room, cross-legged on your sofa, your dog slumbering quietly beside you’ and that is exactly what I was doing. Starting to read this book with Milly curled up on the sofa next to me!


Gala covers topics like loving yourself, loving your friends and loving your partner. She talks about how to find and love your style. I loved her sections on making magic, being good to yourself and using weapons in the fight against sad. After each chapter there is some homework to do. I used these sections to create to do lists, because I do love a good list!

Morning Routine

Some of the things I have started since reading this book includes a morning routine. Gala includes a list of affirmations – ones I could actually see myself saying! I’ve started to say two affirmations as part of my morning routine. It feels a little silly but I do feel more positive starting the day.

Adding Magic

Gala talks about the importance of goal setting and adding magic to your life in the fight against sad. These are two things I am completely in favour of. It’s why I wrote my 30 before 30 list and my self care wheel. I love to have things planned and stuff to look forward to. But don’t worry this book is realistic. Gala says to do the best you can right now. I completely agree with this. It can be so overwhelming. Make small changes. Do one thing at a time.


There are some things in this book that I’m not sure about. Tapping, for instance. That by tapping a part of your body and saying out loud something you want to change. And the idea that happiness is entirely of your own making and that you have to decide to be happy regardless of everything else. Gala admits that some people will find this difficult to accept and I am one of them! I completely agree that you can have a positive outlook and seek out happiness wherever you can but sometimes that is hard. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes people are horrible. Sometimes biology and chemistry are against you.

Overall I really liked this book and found it positive and motivating. There are some good practical ways of making your life happier and to help you love yourself more. I’m going to be putting some things in practice. Give it a go 😀


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