Self care box – My Happy Box

Have you heard of self care boxes? I call mine my happy box. It’s literally a cardboard box full of little things to help me feel happy, to help clear my mind and distract me from any negative thoughts.

The box

My self care box. My happy box. Milly's guide to happiness

My box is a shoe box. It’s quite a large square box which is great for putting lots of things in it. I have stuck scraps of white paper over it as a base and the stuck happy pictures on it, healthy prompts and quotes from magazines. There’s also a few handwritten quotes on it aswell. They are on the top and inside of the lid. I want to find some patterned paper to decoupage Β the rest of the box with to make it pretty.


What’s inside?

Colouring book and pens

Sketch book for doodling in

Notebook for making lists and writing down plans

Gala darling radical self love book

Sudoku book

Card and inspiring postcards which my sister sent me

Pretty smelling body lotion


Do you have a self care or happy box? What’s in it? Or what would you put in it if you had one?

Let me know what you think

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