A to Z of Mental Health 11

I recently took part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge where you write a blog post for each letter in the alphabet. My theme for this challenge was mental health. I really enjoyed the creativity of the challenge of finding different words and things to write about for each post. I wanted to pull them all together in an A to Z of Mental Health as a really good resource. Here you’ll find posts about my experience of mental health, things I try to do to help me be mentally well and some tips for you to look after […]

A to Z of Mental Health at Millys Guide

Z is for Zest. Day 26 of the A to Z blogging challenge April 2017 Milly's Guide

A to Z Challenge | Z is for Zest 5

Day 26 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is Z for zest. Zest means great enthusiasm and energy. I believe that we have to live our lives with zest. We need to approach life with gusto. We should seek out excitement and relish opportunities that come our way. I want to find things that I enjoy, and love and am passionate about. I know that in the dark depths of depression that is not easy. But I believe that when you’re not in such a bleak place finding those things that you love, that make you excited and that you approach with zest […]

A to Z Challenge | Y is for Yesterday 5

Day 25 of my mental health themed A to Z Challenge is Y for yesterday. Yesterday, a week ago, six months ago, last year or five years ago. It doesn’t matter how long ago something happened that memory can wedge itself in your head.   Yesterday and anxiety Doubts can form and you can overthink things. You can think and think about what happened. Should I have said that? Were they mad at me? Anxiety can make you question everything that has happened. It can make you think through every conversation, every interaction with people. Should I have said that? Was that person’s ‘hello’ genuine? Are they pissed off […]

Y is for Yesterday. Day 25 of the A to Z blogging challenge April 2017 Milly's Guide