Weekend Coffee Share 7/1/2017

Happy New Year! This week I want to share with you what I’ve done in my first week in 2017 and specifically how I have been getting on with the Self Care Challenge on Instagram. This challenge set by Hope the Black Dog has been fantastic at getting me to think about taking some time for me in different ways. I’ve really enjoyed it and am enjoying coming up with photographs for each day of the challenge. Day 1 was a smile to introduce ourselves, which of course included Milly! Day 2 was get out – which I shared a […]

Milly’s Weekend Coffee Share 29/10/2016

Regular readers of the blog will know that Milly is a Labrador who inspired Lauren to start a blog. She occasionally blogs too and this is her first Weekend Coffee Share post. Come in, come in I’m so excited to see you! Sorry I barked at you when you knocked on the door – I didn’t know it was you. What would you like to drink? I can only really offer you water, you can share my bowl. I hope you have some good puppy dog eyes and then maybe one of my humans will bring us a Bonio! The […]

Weekend Coffee Share 2/10/2016

Hello! Hello to you, hello to October and hello to Autumn! After my difficult week last week with a major anxiety blur I’ve been taking it easy this week. I’ve been able to stay fairly positive and calm this week. Autumn really feels like it’s hit Norfolk this week. I don’t really like the thought of winter being so close but Autumn is a lovely season. I’ve tried to embrace it with new mustard, woolly tights and boots seen in my super colourful outfit! This was the spur of a moment outfit and I was worried that the skirt and tights didn’t […]