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Take it all on Board

I have recently read Take It All On Board: 8 Steps To Mastering The Slope & Life With Confidence which is an inspiring story of self discovery by Kate Mackay, a female snowboarder.

In the book we learn how Kate took up the sport as an older woman in a young man’s sport. Yes, there is a focus on snowboarding but I can easily see how you can apply elements from this book to any hobby, skill or personal attribute that you want to learn, improve or work on.

Kate Mackay – photo by Damian McArthur

Right from the introduction I loved Kate. She seems really genuine in her writing and that she wants the best for us, her readers. She tells us that she started from zero and that we can too – and do you know what? I believe her. Throughout the book there were so many moments that I could relate to her – when she had times of no self belief, struggle of finding friendships and worries of being the odd one out.

Mastering Life with Confidence

Throughout the book I loved the tips to remain positive, practice gratitude, having a clear purpose, taking baby steps so you don’t do too much too soon and damage your confidence. I really liked the explanation of different types of fear and self limited beliefs plus coping rituals and positive rituals. I want to use these tips to continue to improve this blog and myself as a mental health advocate.

Book review of Take it all on Board - 8 steps to mastering the slope and life with confidence. How this book can help you to improve your life, learn new skills and find your confidence.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes I do! Each chapter focuses on a different element of self discovery. From getting on the board, how to change direction and how to move on after falling – Kate has included both tech tips and confidence tips so you can easily apply this self discovery to snowboarding or anything else.

The only thing I don’t like about this book is the front cover! I think it looks like a text book and doesn’t reflect the interesting book inside. There is quite a lot of technical terms – but then it is a snowboarding book! But there is a glossary and I could understand some of it from a school skiing trip.

At the end of each chapter are a set of exercises which are useful to consider what is holding you back, what you can do differently and gives you a numerical score so you can track your progress.

Photo by Damian McArthur

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