Weekend Coffee Share 2/7/16


How are you? Come in, I’ll get you a drink. I’m sorry that I haven’t caught up with you for a while and that this is my first coffee share in just over a month!

Looking back over this last week it’s been great. Since we got back from our stay in the cabin in the woods I’ve been on a bit of a healthkick. A bike ride, 2 Pilates classes and a Zumba class plus healthy food and I’m feeling great and really inspired to carry on. I’ve signed up for a new challenge aswell. In September I will be taking part in the Thames Bridges trek┬áin London. I’ve seen it written as a 20 km, 23 km and 25 km trek so not sure exactly how far I’ll be walking! I’m raising money for the mental health charity Mind. I’m also hoping it will be a 2 year reunion with the people I met on the Great Wall of China trek.

Milly had a birthday this week! She was 4 on the 1st July. Facebook memories was useful in reminding me and also giving me the past photos I had taken on her birthday so I could create this collage.

Milly's guide to happiness
Last night I went to an outside gig in the forest to see James Bay. Great music, chilled atmosphere and lots of boogieing, singing and giggling with my partner! A great week rounded off today with a BBQ with my parents, my sis and her boyfriend and watching Wimbledon. How has your week been?

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