#WeekendCoffeeShare 29/4/2016


How are you? Looking back over this week, I am good. I’m feeling happy and pleased that this week has been good and that this weekend will be a nice one.

It was another very busy week at work. But it was all good things to be working on and felt productive. I was asking part in another workweek hustle and won it this time with 69,271 steps walked over the 5 days and every day I hit my target of 10,000 steps. Very pleased and proud of myself. Also very proud of myself for the whole of the month of April. At the beginning of the month I have started a mini bullet journal. In it I have a tracker for some goals of the month, it has really inspired to do things every day like walk 10,000 steps, take my vitamins, moisturise my skins and do the leg stretches that the physio gave me. And I am happy to report that I coloured in lots of squares! Funny how keeping track of things in that way was a real motivator.

I went to Zumba this week in the first time in months. I really enjoy it and have been meaning to go for weeks but have to leave work on time and even a little bit early to make it. It’s hard work, you sweat a lot and I’m pretty sure that most of the time I’m not doing the steps right… I figure that if I’m moving and wiggling then I’m burning calories! My friend goes regularly so it was lovely to see her and I got to wear my new bright pink trainers!

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Last night I took part in a murder mystery event run by a local amateur dramatic society which my mum is part of. My mum was playing the part of a cheerleader and I really got the giggles when I first saw her cheering. They asked for audience participation so I got up and wiggled some pom poms! My mum hasn’t been a member long, but I’m really proud of her for joining the group, making friends and going back to something which she enjoyed years ago, before having me!

Now, I have to go, it’s been good to catch up. It’s nice to take some time to look back over the last week. I’m heading to a local beer festival. Meeting some friends, raising money for charity and drinking cider. After that there will still be two days left of the weekend as we have a bank holiday here! Hurrah!

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