World Mental Health Day 4

I’m absolutely delighted to share with you a piece I’ve written that has been published in my local newspaper today. For World Mental Health Day I have shared my experience of opening up about my mental health at work and how supportive my manager has been.

You can take read it here or if you’re local, head out to buy a paper!


I wouldn’t have taken this step without the wonderful experience of the Time to Change Storycamp. I was really inspired to share my story, increase awareness and fight stigma.

Let me know what you think

4 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day

  • MindOverMeta

    Well done on opening up to your manager. I think the fear among employees disclosing to their employers is still very real. In an ideal world we should be able to approach our managers and receive support but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Thanks for highlighting that it IS possible to be supportive of colleagues and how beneficial that can be 🙂

  • beetleypete

    Congratulations on making the EDP, and getting your message across. I don’t usually buy it, so wouldn’t have seen this. (I was actually on a short break in Suffolk, so didn’t know about it in time)
    Best wishes, Pete.